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Nambaya offers an innovative and comprehensive regeneration analysis – simple and straightforward

Anyone who wants to achieve maximum performance in sport, at work or in everyday life must regenerate optimally in their rest phases.
How well the body actually recovers during sleep, however, could only be determined with cumbersome EKG measurements.

Be up to date with Nambaya and use one of the most innovative and simplest analysis tools in regeneration diagnostics to track how well your customers are actually recovering.

Our concept

More efficiency with Nambaya –
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Hardly larger than a car key and at 18 grams, pleasantly light. This small ECG recorder accompanies your customers day and night and measures all important health data in detail, barely noticeable. Nambaya accompanies your customers continuously and measures under real everyday conditions. The collected data are therefore much more meaningful than measurements in unnatural surroundings.


The evaluation of each individual value is concise, clear and meaningful. The health values are clearly presented in a report so that you can derive real added value for customer care.


Data security is just as important to us as health. For evaluation, the Nambaya measuring device transfers the data to one of the secure servers from Syseleven and Hetzner in Germany. Nambaya does not pass on any data to third parties or abroad.


With a measuring line of up to 1,000 Hz, we precisely record heart, breath and movement data so that the data-based evaluation shows your health status quo.


Nambaya offers you an innovative diagnostic tool and a unique network of professionals

Valuable health values

Nambaya makes health visible:

  • Heart health (EKG & HRV)
  • Sleep quality
  • Feeling stressful
  • Activity level
  • Regulatory ability of the autonomic nervous system

All values are clearly displayed in the report, with a classification in the normal ranges.

Innovative and modern measurement method

Nambaya offers you a convenient HRV measurement method under real-life conditions. All health data is stored absolutely securely.

Secure health data and certification

Nambaya is certified as a data-secure medical device and stores all health data on a secure server in Germany.

The added value

Expand your portfolio as a trainer or physiotherapist with Nambaya

As a trainer at the cutting edge! Use an innovative and high-quality analysis tool for the regeneration management of your customers.

Measure sleep and stress! Use Nambaya to monitor the key factors of sleep, heart fitness and stress.

Always up to date! You use the latest generation of the measuring device every day. We bring you up to date with the latest technology

Interaction is important to us! Benefit from the knowledge and exchange of our interdisciplinary network of regeneration experts

Medical data for everyone! Nambaya is a CE and FDA medical device.

Get active

Trainers and physiotherapists – optimal support thanks to individual evaluation plans

For trainers

Are you a fitness trainer and are you interested in our product? As a Nambaya Coach you are part of a network of trainers, doctors and therapists.


As a Nambaya coach you have access to our latest, waterproof trackers.


You use our data-secure evaluation platform and design the evaluation report individually.



Generate additional income with the Nambaya measurement - without additional space costs or additional time.



Exchange ideas with professionals in our partner network.



Take part in our training and become a certified Nambaya coach.

For physiotherapists

Are you a physiotherapist and would like to support your therapeutic measures with Nambaya?


As a Nambaya therapist, you have access to our latest trackers.


Additional income through the sale of the additional service "sleep analysis" or "stress analysis".



Exchange ideas in our partner network.



Take part in our training and become a certified Nambaya coach.



What doctors, therapists, athletes and partners say
about Nambaya

Being able to call up my performance to the point is extremely important. For this, not only the training, but also the recovery must be right. The sleep analysis from Nambaya has helped me to make effective use of my rest periods.

Testimonial Item

Dominic Bönisch

Spartan Athlete

Since my body, as a professional athlete, is my capital and I am always open to new areas as a preventative measure, I have been able to analyze and improve my sleep with Nambaya. I was able to increase my ability to regenerate a lot more. Nowadays this is more and more crucial for the prevention of injuries and optimal performance.

Testimonial Item

Sebastian Hertner

Professional footballer

In top-class sport you are limited in the scope of training at some point because you simply can't do more. Then it's about optimizing everything around it. Something like preparation and follow-up, with fascia rolls and yoga, nutrition and of course sleep is the most important regeneration tool we have. If you don't sleep properly, you simply don't regenerate and are then not ready for the next units. That's why it's great to use the Nambaya sleep measurement to see where you can still work on yourself.

Testimonial Item

Marco Koch

Multiple swimming world champion


Everything you always wanted to know about Nambaya

What are the advantages of real-life measurement?

At Nambaya we combine the latest medical measurement methodology with innovative analysis software. Cumbersome EKG machines and sleepless nights in the sleep laboratory do not have to be in order to obtain medically accurate data. You measure with our mini measuring device in the middle of life. You wear the 18 gram device on your body all day. The device is waterproof, so exercise and showering are no restrictions. 

How is the Nambaya measuring device worn on the body?

You attach the measuring device directly to the upper body with the two push-button electrodes supplied or the electrode plaster. Everything you need is included in the package so that you can get started right away. You can find instructions here:

What exactly can the meter measure?

The device creates an EKG and tracks the entire heart activity, in addition to which the breathing movement as well as activity and body position are measured.

In this way, a picture of the sleep architecture, sleep efficiency, sleep duration, sleep latency and other noticeable patterns can be created over 24 hours. Blood pressure regulation and CO2 regulation are also shown, which provides information about possible apneas or other sleep disorders.

Do I need extra software for the evaluation?

No, as a Nambaya customer you have access to the cloud-based evaluation platform. This means that you upload the file via your computer and receive the complete evaluation report as a PDF within 24 hours, so that you can forward it directly to your customers.

Why should I track my sleep?

Sleep is an essential relaxation factor – both in sport and in everyday life and at work. Those who get enough sleep are more creative, more productive, less prone to injury and less stressed … this list can go on and on. To find out how well you really sleep and which habits can be changed to sleep better, we track sleep.

Where can I find a Nambaya specialist near me?

Simply contact us by email or give us a call so that we can find an expert in your area.