“Making the latest findings from medicine and sports science understandable, tangible and, above all, realizable. This makes it possible to develop tailor-made strategies and programs for behavioral changes that our clients can implement in their everyday lives. “

Dr. Lutz Graumann knows what he’s talking about. Dr. Graumann is a sports physician with a passion. His hobby sport helped him to find his calling. In addition to sports medicine, he also has additional qualifications in nutritional medicine and chiropractic / manual medicine. Due to the variety of research programs in the USA, Canada and Germany, he has been perceived as a capacity in the field of performance medicine and functional training for more than 10 years.

NAMBAYA: You are known for being an expert in optimal regeneration and recovery, always on the lookout for new, innovative health tools. What do you love about the Nambaya measurement? 

DR. LUTZ GRAUMANN: The great thing about this measurement is that it combines medical accuracy with everyday practicality. So we get really accuratee and meaningful key figures on the status of the cardiovascular and vascular systems, breathing, stress levels, physical loads and the quality and quantity of sleep.


NAMBAYA: How do you use the Nambaya measurement in your daily work? You are the team doctor for the German Ice Hockey Federation and look after many top athletes. Is this measurement a pure “high-performer” diagnostic tool or do you also use the measurement for the average consumer? 

DR. LUTZ GRAUMANN: Because this tool is really suitable for everyday use, it is used by my top athletes as well as by amateur and everyday athletes. What I particularly like about it is that I can kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, I can evaluate the data as a long-term ECG and secondly as a lifestyle diagnosis.


NAMBAYA: You have already written several books, in the book “Regeneration” you write about becoming more relaxed, rested and successful every day with even small tricks and changes in everyday life. What are your top 3 “daily hacks”? 


ONE – NO STUPID THINGS – You have probably already tried to use a glass of red wine or a beer in the evening as a stress management tool. This is perfectly okay too, because it reduces the time it takes to sleep. But the price is high – shockingly high if we look at the measurements. After consuming alcohol, the body is unable to enter deep sleep mode as long as it is still busy detoxifying.

TWO – BE CAREFUL WITH COFFEE – The way we use stimulants and caffeine isn’t always sustainable. The average German consumes around 150 liters of coffee per year, that’s more than 500 milliliters of coffee every day – the number one stimulus in the western world. And when we know that caffeine has a half-life of around six to eight hours in the human body and that it competes with one of the receptors in the brain that are supposed to ease fatigue and sleep, we need to find strategic ways to target that daily dose. For my clients this means: No caffeinated drinks after 2 p.m.!

THREE – JUST TAKE A DEEP BREATH – Breathing is probably the most important way to have a quick influence on the autonomic nervous system. So find your way to incorporate deep diaphragmatic breathing into your alpine day. Within just one minute of exhaling deeper than inhaling, you will stimulate your vagus nerve, the relaxation nerve, and thus increase your heart rate variability.

NAMBAYA: Due to the current situation, the signs of the times point to digitization – also in the health market. Where do you see opportunities and new challenges?

 DR. LUTZ GRAUMANN: In my opinion, the advantages of digitization lie in a quick and uncomplicated professional opinion. Waiting times and the valuable time that is sometimes lost are reduced. Specialists can be contacted anytime, anywhere. I also hope that as digitalization progresses, the data and findings collected in the medical sector can also be made available to patients. This would make a valuable contribution to the maturity of our patients in the health care system. The greatest challenges are certainly in the area of data protection. Nambaya has already managed to meet all the criteria of the General Data Protection Regulation and still make all findings available to clients in an uncomplicated manner.


Nambaya has recognized the importance of providing quick and easy solutions for customers.

Our cloud platforms make process steps as efficient as possible and the customer receives real-time feedback on his measurement. When implementing technology, “simplicity” is the measure of all things. Through simple design and thus an intuitive use of our platforms, we make life and handling of our product easier for our customers.

We keep our finger on the pulse and are planning strategies on how we can incorporate artificial intelligence into our processes in the future.

In addition to “simplicity”, the subject of “data protection” must of course also be mentioned when it comes to digital solutions. Since we deal with health data with our Nambaya measurements, data protection is particularly important to us. A challenge that we, like Dr. Lutz Graumann has already described in an interview.

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